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Mar. 4th, 2012 | 10:21 pm

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moved mostly

Feb. 11th, 2012 | 11:16 am

no one on the internet seems to have moved to the same place, or any place. daily internet things now are blogging -which seems to need to be whitty, funny or informative. Or all of them- and blips and reblogs. I really kind of miss hearing what people are up to. I miss feeling like updating everyone about myself.

On top of that I also feel bad because I don't really feel like livejournal is the place I want to share any of that anymore. I have migrated to dreamwidth and am seriously considering setting it up to reblog over here. It doesn't feel so gimicky to me. Most people who know me know I really don't like facebook and I'm not sure that anyone wants to read my twitter, and I only find that now and then. Tumblr I use intermittenly as well. I have at least...3 or 4 more homes than I just listed and they all do different things, but nothing is like livejournal was. Except for dreamwidth. WAS is the key word here. I don't know what livejournal intends to become, but I'm really glad for what it was.

so yeah I guess if you don't want to be getting updates about random whineings about things on livejournal anymore unfriend me or something.

also slowly, I have been changing my internet handle. I use Demakat everythere that...isn't here or deviantart.
demakat on twitter - need to add more stuff to this!
demakat on etsy
I go stretches without doing things on anywhere.
mostly I blame soul sucking retail work.
whoo midshifts!

also, hi. my name is Stevie.

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(no subject)

Dec. 25th, 2011 | 11:29 am

go press buttons on google. it has a christmas lights show.

anyhow got an itunes gift card for christmas and I know what songs I want, but...I have no idea who they're by! JOY! I know some of them, but one I really want, I thought was by Bassnectar and none of the ones I normally like by them are the one I it must have been a completely random thing! It also proves that I am no different with pandora than I am with a regular radio. I still never know what I like, because I can't remember what its called (where as the radio doesn't always tell you, or they told you before it started and you didn't hear)

HA! win. It was basenectar - blast off.

anyhow got some pretty nifty things. I ended up with lots of target gift cards. I just need to not spend them on random crap and instead on things I actually need through the year. I got a label maker...which won't make my room magically clean, but once it is I can label stuff. I just have to get to that clean point.

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things that are sort of happening now.

Dec. 20th, 2011 | 11:43 pm

I think all my gifts are mostly done. I have one that is in line to be completed along with a lot of similar items, but I'm not going to finish them tonight. Should go down and move my laundry over though.

Sitting all day is messing up my back I think. I didn't think I would want to get back to doing my regular job, but I could use a break from desk work. Plus I have no idea what is going on up front, and feel out of the loop.

I'm making a lot of little hand warmers. I was going to put the original batch up for sale, but then I gave them away. Now I've got some new fabrics and have at least three sets of each in the process of being completed. I could use a tiny scoop for filling the rice so it doesn't get super all over. Maybe I'll make one out of clay.

Still working slowly on rearranging my room. I'll be getting two wooden stands. I'm sure adding more furniture to my room is a bad idea, but ideally some stuff will be going as well. Have to start looking for boxes at work to divide up drawers, I've exhausted all the empty boxes for the other drawers.

Called my sister a dip on facebook. she is 24 and got grounded from going out because she came home at 4:30 in the morning when the house curfew is 2:30. It seems a little unfair, but not really. She isn't being considerate to other people who have to get up and go to work, and she knows what time to be in by. Plus its not her house, so my mom was all "if you don't like it, find somewhere else to live". Considering we live here for free, I really don't think that having a curfew is that big a deal. But then she put up on facebook about how she is looking for a place. Which is stupid. I make much more money than she does and even if I scraped together everything I have I would only have 300 extra a month and that isn't going to get me far unless I'm renting someone's couch for 50 bucks.

Oh crap I just thought of something else I have to make for a gift. Plus I need some instruction sheets for the hand warmers. Telling people 30 seconds in a microwave doesn't seem to stick.

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christmas card :D

Dec. 5th, 2011 | 04:19 pm

My desk is covered with things...


Not all of them have silver in the same places, but they are all accented with silver in some way. So not everyone's card will look like this one. The black is hand printed from a linoleum block I carved myself. I always always forget how much I like doing this.

I'll be sending cards to the people I already have an address for, but if you don't think I have your address or you moved or something, you can put it below (comments screened) or email me. gmail - demakat.

Now on to wrapping presents and seeing who I still need stuff for!

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things and stuff and meow meow meow

Dec. 4th, 2011 | 12:05 pm

Okay illegal is it to live in my car?

I don't really want to live in my current car, but I am considering the fact that I would like to get another car at some point. I like the whole house on wheels thing, but I am not a fan of trailers and it seems to be a lot of excess gas. I know that there are little SUV style things where the back goes completely flat. I figure I could manage to do a setup there that would be useful. I know when I was small my grandparents had over time a few vans that my grandpa modified to include a place for a mattress in back so that they could go on trips and then just stay in the van instead of having to stay in a hotel, or impose on relatives that didn't have much space to begin with. I would really like having my own space to sleep in when I went to visit people, not having to worry about waking anyone up. On top of all that my home would fit in almost all parking spaces, and on the street. I'm mostly thinking of it at places like my friend's where its all street parking.

I guess it really depends on where I am for how illegal it is. And currently of all the cars I've seen the only one that folds down most usefully is the hyundai... Not like it matter because I am super poor right now as it is.

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Writer's Block: Background players

Nov. 27th, 2011 | 02:46 pm

Only much bigger of course.

I would just like to thank netflix for having anime, but...they need more.
How else am I suppose to get all this knitting done!

(I have since found out how creepy this is because it's like he is looking at the stuff I'm doing on the internet. oh well...)

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things I have learned so far today.

Nov. 19th, 2011 | 09:37 am

I got shouted out of bed at 8:30 to come argue with the family about if we're having thanksgiving or not. My dad has a horrible flu thing and he doesn't want to get everyone else sick.

One of my sisters is fail at change of plans. I know shit happens, sure I'm disappointed thanksgiving likely isn't happening big family style here. But there will still be turkey and stuff cause we can't resist making lots of awesome food. Hopefully by that time my dad will be able to taste things and be able to eat with us. Plus we have a lot of older relatives that would likely be in the hospital if they got what my dad has.
She is upset still though, and plans and blah blah blah. I don't really get it. Because frankly if I had a boyfriend there would still be food going on at someone's house OR it would be just us and I would make a chicken or something. But I guess I'm a more go with the flow person.

Opal apples are delicious If you find them in your grocery store BUY THEM! I forgot how good they are. They're crisp and have a kind of waxy yellow look to them, but then they are sweet and crunchy. I don't work today but I might go in to get more of these apples. I haven't wanted to eat more apples after the first one in forever, that's how good these are.

still working on covering my headphones in those little irony beads. I should shower because my hair looks kind of matted and sad. Its too fine to really be matted, but it does look like I've been in the woods wandering around for a while.

Hopefully I will have a christmas card design to print. I think I am going to do the cow head with a golden sun thing. So basically the most un-christmas like card ever. Maybe if I'm overly ambitious I'll carve out season's greetings for the inside. It should be awesome either way. I think I have most people's addresses from last year or other things I've sent, but I'll put up a request for those once I know I'll actually finish the cards.

I have an art thing I'm going to with a friend today as well. Plus I think I'm going to give in and get some different active ingredient allergy stuff. I am allergic to something that is present everywhere, even at work. Which is why I've been assuming its something I eat. Lately I've had things with milk in them, and then a regular mocha yesterday...still no hives. AND its probably not stress because I would have hives everywhere lately if it were. Work is being stressful for my nature (I'm not able to complete things, having to leave stuff to others just so it gets done) and no hives from that either. I'm starting to wonder if it was a reaction from coming off of the allergy stuff, which makes me hesitant to use more even though my face is trying to drool out my nose (awesome right!?) and I'm getting pressure headaches at the end of the day from sniffling so much. so headaches vs. reaction to allergy meds...

I have 8 dolla and we're gonna see what we can get for that today!

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Well that might be something....

Nov. 7th, 2011 | 07:36 pm

You can microwave socks, why not other fabric?

Aside from fabrics made heavily out of plastics, I didn't see why not. So I made some hand warmers.

Also had been talking to my mom and people about feeling crappy lately. My mom suggested that maybe the thing I am passionate about is learning things and then doing/sharing them. Then this happened. I'm going to go make more. I have flannel with skulls/rainbow, mushrooms, scroll pattern and some other stuff.

If I end up making a ton of them I'll probably put them up on my etsy shop. It depends on how many I can get done in the next three hours.

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things and stuff and meow meow meow

Nov. 3rd, 2011 | 11:01 pm

teamug lid

Okay so I am looking for lids for ceramic tea mugs, however I have NO need of more mugs/cups. anyone know where to find just the lids?

Also I am very dismayed to find that LMFAO with their party rock anthem has made shuffling as lame looking as possible. They stay in place and everything. It did get me thinking about shawl dancers though. I can connect pop music to native american dancing styles. go me.

Have to go to the bank and make displeased faces at a banker. What part of close my account you suck do they not understand. I don't even care if the account has things still pending. CLOSE THE ACCOUNT. RAAAAAA!!!!!

uh yeah, anyhow. work was nice it was a meeting day. I went to a monthly meeting and then went to a one time meeting and had to actually ring up customers for about two hours only. I feel like I should start my own business, but really I'm crap at it. I can't even transfer to cool places to be near friends because half the debt I have is the amount of a rent payment. so make things and sell them to pay that down, but bad at it. blarg. I feel like I am running out of time...

speaking of that I should go to the doctor. But after staying away from most milk things I haven't been itchy at all. I ate a slice of pizza today and got one lone mark on the inside of my arm. One of the pizzas had fake cheese on it and it was good enough for me to eat lunch out of it mostly.

speaking of fake cheese, the part I enjoy about cheese is the saltyness. Like how people like to balance salt and sweet. I don't like chips and things so my salt is usually cheese. I want to get as much water out of firm tofu as I can and then set it in a brine, maybe even that weird liquid amino stuff. It should taste like cheese maybe ya? no idea. need to see if I can find some tofu coupons so if I ruin it no big loss.

words and stuff. one of the friends I normally talk to on skype is off birthdaying it up with another friend who is in town so I don't have anyone to yammer at right now. boo.

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